Material Health


High performance design starts with healthy materials
The average American has a Body Burden; an accumulation of toxic compounds found in our body at any time. Hundreds of these compounds come from chemicals found in common building products and finishes. Today many alternatives exist for materials that reduce or eliminate the use of these chemicals.  those involved with the selection of materials have an opportunity to make better choices.

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How We Help

  • Support design teams on building projects to establish criteria, assess and recommend options for materials

  • Create standalone material health standards and guidelines for consistent use across design and building portfolios

  • Update existing design standards and master specification documents to incorporate material health criteria

  • Conduct material health training and education to empower others in the selection of healthy materials

  • Assist in developing screening processes for design firms + organizations to guide material selection

  • Provide tools and resources to track material health performance on both individual projects and across building portfolios

Knowledge Leadership

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